East Coast Baby!!

I am starting to frantically pack for my trip to North Carolina next week. I will have a chance to meet with my publisher and even do a book signing thanks to my Aunt Judy. This will be my first time doing a reading and a whole evening event. The questions that race through my mind. What do I wear? What is the weather going to be like? I won't get my hair to look right without my hair guy. What if my butterflies in my stomach make me puke? Ha Ha.  It is so easy to get caught up in the minor things. I need to take a breath and realize something. It isn't the way I look up front it is about the message. I want no one to go home disappointed with the evening. Instead, I hope to bring great passion ,education on bipolar, and hope to those in the room if they are struggling with mental illness. While selling all 75 books would be fantastic I pray that  I may be a blessing to others. I pray my book with bless others. At the end of the night that is all that matters.