Society can be so ignorant!

I was checking the news on my Ipad last night. I ran across a picture that pissed me off. It was a picture of a woman attempting to jump from an overpass here in Vegas. I don't understand why her picture had to be taken in the first place. I can only imagine myself in her shoes. She was crying out for help yet the media must have been thinking why this would be a great story and let's go ahead and add a picture.  It was a story because the freeway had to be closed and it was in the morning when people were trying to go to work. Then what outraged me was the comments that people were making under the photo. People were so insensitive. The comments included I wonder how many people lost their jobs as a result of not getting to work on time. Others wrote Splat.Who cares that this woman may have been married or had children. Who cares that her life was bad enough that she wanted to end it. That is just it. Her life does matter. Society did not seems to look at it this way. I thought how heartless how cruel. I really wish there was some way to contact that lady. I want to tell her that her life does matter. God made her for a purpose. I also want to reach out to the person who took the picture and to the person who put it in the paper. They need to know their actions were wrong.