What do people think of my book?

So my book has been out since November. As a new author I had really no idea what reactions to my memoir would be. It was scary at first knowing that I had put everything out there for the entire world to read. It was not easy bearing my soul. I originally wrote the book for my eyes only. It was a healing process. I needed to let go of the past that I could not seem to run from. I was successful after 3 years of writing and I feel like I really have finally been able to let go of the past. When the book was launched many people came and brought copies of it. It felt fantastic to have all the support. At work I also received a warm feeling of support and many bought my book. People said they were going to read it, but I am sure many did not. I am ok with knowing my book is sitting on their book shelf or on their night side stand. It is an honor my book is there in the first place. For those who did read it was unanimous everyone loved the first few chapters. I got the nice response of "I am enjoying your book". I suppose that was before they got to the meat the middle and the end. Interesting,I am not sure how I am supposed to feel about it. Don't get me wrong I have had another author give me an amazing review saying he read my book and could not put it down. It meant a lot to me because he has written 15 books that have been successful. I have also had several people reach out to me. One lady lost a loved one as a result of bipolar disorder. She thanked me as I shared my story and commented that she better understood her loved one. Another friend reached out and could relate to the anxiety and depression parts. I was reminded that my book has the power to touch people's lives in ways I might never know. I think that is the bottom line.