How Can Mental Illness Bring A Family Closer Together?

This thought came to my mind the other day. How could something like a mental illness which can easily tear a family apart actually bring them closer together? My family and I have been on a long roaddealing with bipolar disorder through the past 20 years. Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. My family and I have been through the wringer together. It has been no walk in the park. We have had some nasty fights. There has been so many tears that have been shed they could fill the Pacific Ocean. We have weathered many many days of depression together. Something that I don't wish on anyone. The manic highs were hard to go through as well. Then there were the mood swings. I recall the time when I hit rock bottom my weakest moments living with bipolar back in Virginia 14 years ago. It was my family that saved me. Mom and dad loved me with everything they had. They brought me to Vegas and helped me rebuild my life. They reminded me that with God everything is possible. Here I nearly a decade later feeling closer to my parents then I ever thought I could. I love them more deeply because of the good the bad and the ugly we have lived though together. I appreciate them in ways I really didn't 20 years ago. I feel like they love me more too. So maybe it is possible that there is a silver lining on a very dark cloud for people like me who have a mental illness. I believe we just have to look for it.