Happy Anniversary!!!!

Gary and I are celebrating our 9 year Anniversary. It sounds funny hearing people say wow you beat the odds lol. Time has moved quickly to say the least. I have grown so much in the past 9 years. I was 30 when I got married. A friend who is like a father figure reached out after her had read my book. He commented that the day of my wedding was even more significant then your usual wedding day. My wedding day marked something extraordinary. It marked the beginning of a stable life. A milestone for me after dealing with a bipolar diagnosis at age 19. For most of my life I lived with extreme highs and lows. Life sucked. On that glorious  day I entered into a new chapter of my life. A life of remission from bipolar. Something I never imagined could really happen to me. I have heard it said the good Lord is full of surprise. I had no idea what surprises God had in store for my future. Since that day I said I do I have thanked God for my new life and my Gary. If ever I doubted  if a God existed it was on that day I was reminded of his infinite love for me. After all he was the one that joined Gary and I in that beautiful church. I am not sure what surprises our future has in store, but I am forever grateful to have such an amazing husband to share the journey.